Concerning wheelchairs or those who are (partially) disabled

Even for those who can no longer move or travel as freely as one would like, De Prins Taxi offers transportation. With specially modified vans and cars and highly qualified personnel, we ensure a pleasant journey, whether recreational or to a hospital.

Even insurances can be dealt with by our administration. As soon as you have received clearance from your insurance, hand a copy over to our driver and we will make sure that every month the bill will be sent to your insurance (and of course a copy to you).

For those who have to pay regular visits to the hospital, such as dialysis patients, we specifically modify our time tables. This so that we can assure arrival at the hospital at 15 minutes before the preferred time, in case unexpected events should occur.

It only takes a single phone call: 040-2554553. If you have any questions left concerning these matters, please consider contacting us by phone or mail: