De Prins Taxi

Welkcome at De Prins Taxi! Specialised in both business and taxi transport we offer high quality transport for a reasonable and competitive price. All our services are completely adaptable to your wishes. For every possible destination you may call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, you can find us at several different taxi stands, such as:

It is possible to order a taxi online by filling in our form of reservation. You will receive a conformation of this reservation and you will be picked up at the exact right time by one of our certificated drivers.

If however there is a need for a taxi in 24 hours, feel free to call us at 040-2554553 (Eindhoven & Veldhoven).

Please have a look at our website for any further information. If this leaves any questions of yours unanswered, please contact us either by phone or by mail.